God’s Good News

Over the past two years at St. Alban’s I have been confronted by and pondered often our pithy slogan… “We welcome the faithful, the seeker, and the doubter…”  You know the one – on the side of our mugs, in our bulletins, and on our banners.  At various moments it has bubbled to the surface in a sermon or a pastoral conversation…”God’s embrace is wide…” The potency of those few short phrases holds within it the kernel of the gospel – we welcome you, no matter who you are, because God embraces you and has embraced us too!

But, it is the final six words that have challenged me more than the rest… “God’s Good News is for all.” The good news of welcome and embrace, of hope and reconciliation revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the same good news that propelled the first witnesses from the empty tomb to proclaim “The Lord is Risen!” – that Good News, is for everyone – you, me, your neighbor down the street!  As you’ve heard me say from time to time, that is our story – that good news – and we are forever learning to share it in both word and deed.  And, we do have to tell it.  News can’t go unreported.  And, good news, compelling news, earth-shattering-grab-your-attention-news usually only needs to be reported once and then it is likely to go viral.  Good news spreads – but it has to be told.

I have been mulling this all over as I prepare to depart to New York this afternoon with our Senior Youth on their mission trip.  We will certainly hope to bring the Good News of God’s welcome and embrace to the many hurting and hungry we will meet as we engage God’s mission in the city.  I have been thinking about it as our J2A youth prepare to go on Pilgrimage in June hoping to encounter God’s Good News in the welcome and embrace of our many hosts in Taiwan. I have been thinking about it as Erin and Jude and I prepare ourselves to embark on a new chapter of our own ministry aware that we have very much been embraced by you all as you have sought (and continue to seek) to embody God’s Good News here at St. Alban’s.

I suppose I should quit pondering and do a little telling, and you should too (if you aren’t already) and so I issue an Easter challenge for all of us.  What “news”, what event or experience in your life has powerfully and palpably made manifest the Good News of God, the wide embrace of Christ?  Where have you been touched, changed, and transformed?  Where has the love of the Risen One so shattered your world that you have been overcome with gratitude and joy?  Tell us about it – tell us ALL about it.

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Contributor to the Daily Cup - a blog of St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, DC.
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