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Free to choose

Our national attention turns this weekend to the Fourth of July celebration, reminding us to be grateful for the many blessings we enjoy, the most glorious among them being the blessing of freedom. Freedoms of choice regarding religious expressions, of … Continue reading

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Barcelona Buildings and Blessings

We just returned from two wonderful weeks in Spain.  The first week was spent and doing lots of reading on the island of Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands off the Mediterranean coast.  The second week was an active and … Continue reading

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Rest and renewal on the beach

Every summer I must return to a sandy beach along the ocean, for at least a week – Orleans, Cape Cod; Martha’s Vineyard, or Rehobeth Beach, DE. There is something in my body, mind and soul that needs the smell … Continue reading

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Prescriptions for Bad Times

There are times I find hard to cope with. Not BIG deal bad times (that’s something else), but times when I just need to get through a few hours because I’m somehow spooked. Here are a sample of them: I’ve … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

Yesterday, I met up with a friend I had not seen in almost a year.  We traded information about what has gone on in our lives these past months and we each ended our recitation with a similar tag line,  … Continue reading

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We need a little more whimsy in our lives

There’s only one ATM at the international contemporary art show,  Venice’s Biennale, and it’s one of the busiest ATM’s in all of Italy.  Could that be because it plays a tune when someone enters their pin number to withdraw cash?   … Continue reading

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Ordinary Time and Exceptional Moments

In our liturgical calendar, we have now completed the feasts, fasts, and festivals that tell the story of our creation, redemption, and commission as Christians that began with Advent and have ended with Pentecost and Trinity Sunday.  We have now … Continue reading

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