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In the first lesson this Sunday, we were reminded of the escape of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  And how, amidst their flight, they spent a great deal of time whinging about the heat, lack of food, and myriad … Continue reading

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The Jesus of Politeness

Earlier this week The Rev. Dr. Carol Flett and I attended the monthly meeting of the Washington Episcopal Clergy Association, or WECA for short.  These monthly meetings are designed for the clergy of the diocese to come together for prayer, … Continue reading

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The sound of sheer silence

I love that idea…the sound of sheer silence.  These are words found in 1 Kings 19, and by chance I was asked to be a lay reader during a service at a conference a few years ago when that was … Continue reading

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Eyes to see

This weekend, while I was in Charlotte for a conference, I wandered through the streets around the hotel and found myself in front of the Mint Museum. My attention was caught by an exhibit poster: an enchanted forest, and the … Continue reading

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Why do we keep the stuff we keep?

I have a habit that some of you may also have. Whenever I am frustrated, worried or concerned about something that I don’t know what or how to do, I find something to do that I do know how to … Continue reading

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And In Last Place…

I need to make a confession.  I need to come clean about an activity in my life at which I am utterly incompetent: bowling.  Now I’m certain that there are some reading this thinking, “Don’t feel bad, you can’t be … Continue reading

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Lent Madness, Gregory of Nyssa Would Approve

For those of you who have read any  of my previous posts, you’ll notice a trend I think:  A bit about the life of the saint whose feast day we celebrate today, a portion of the collect or gospel passage … Continue reading

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