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After the Storm

When it was all over, they walked down twenty flights of stairs in the dark. My father, my stepmother, my sister, their dogs. Out of the gleaming glass building, transparent to the storm. Into the watery streets of lower Manhattan, … Continue reading

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I wish I were profound enough to say something meaningful about Hurricane Sandy. I’m not, but it does remind me of a storm-related story which I think tells me something about ancient myths and conceptions of gods. You are familiar, … Continue reading

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Out on a Limb

Hope is the thing with feathers. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a big fan of the poetry of Miss Dickinson.  It isn’t that I don’t see its value; it just doesn’t burn its imagery into my … Continue reading

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The Touch of Liturgy

A couple of years ago, a group of recent graduates from Virginia Theological Seminary, who now are priests all over the country, created a Facebook page where we could ask questions of one another, share our successes and failures, or … Continue reading

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What is true?

What better time than at the height of a presidential election season is there to meditate on the word “truth”?  What is true?  Which of those deeply held beliefs, firmly rooted in us, could we name as true? Truth:  at … Continue reading

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Ancient faces

At lunch last week, I was reminded of some pieces of art that I particularly love, but have not seen since I left the New York area. Housed in the Metropolitan Museum, they are a set of portraits taken from … Continue reading

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I’ve been reflecting lately in the course of contemplating the idea of transubstantiation on the processes of digestion and assimilation. I’ll write about transubstantiation later, but as to digestion and assimilation it is fascinating to me of late how the … Continue reading

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