By Chance

While ironing this past weekend, (and doesn’t that opening line just tell you how exciting my life can be?) I was watching a film that had subtitles.  As I finished off a cuff, I glanced up and saw the line, “give chance a chance” written across the bottom of the screen.

I put the iron down.

Give chance a chance. At once an utterly simple statement of faith, and at the same time a call to action on our part.  We can hand over our needs to the will of God and yet we must still do our portion.  We must still prepare, pay attention, and respond when he beckons.  Patience, peace and faith only appear passive; our part, our action, is very much required.



About stalbansparish

St. Alban's Parish is a vibrant and diverse Episcopal Church in Washington, DC near the National Cathedral. We come from every walk of life, every culture and context, and every corner of this region. St. Alban's Parish is active in the city, engaging social issues, and making the reconciling love of Christ known in word and deed. We have ministries for children, youth, young adults, adults, and the elderly. We have outreach programs that address homelessness, poverty, the environment, and hunger. We believe in being open and inclusive to all people no matter disability, age, income, gender, race, or sexual orientation. We welcome the faithful, the seeker, and the doubter, because God's embrace is wide, and God's good news is for all people. We want you to come, participate, grow in God's love, and become a part of the Body of Christ at St. Alban's!
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One Response to By Chance

  1. Jo says:

    I don’t know what is more inspiring, this very fine thought or the fact that you iron…

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