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Carnally minded

In 1936, The Archbishops’ Commission on the Ministry of Women, which had been considering whether the church should begin to ordain woman, issued the following report: We maintain that the ministration of women…will tend to produce a lowering of the spiritual tone … Continue reading

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Damn! and its slightly longer versions, “Damnit!” (which actually makes no sense) and “Damn You!” which is shorthand for “I hate you so much I appeal to God Almighty to consign your soul to eternal torment in the fires of … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

When I think of those whom I admire most, those who inspire and engage me completely, they are—to a man—fiercely involved in the world. They are open, curious, and interested. Their education never ceases. The world may not celebrate all … Continue reading

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Maggie, Today’s Your Day!

Today in the life of the Church we celebrate Margaret, Queen of Scotland who died in 1093.  She was born in Hungary in about 1045, the daughter of (and I love the title of this guy) Edward the Exile.  Her … Continue reading

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This I believe

(originally published May, 2011) Like many of you, I’m a devoted listener of National Public Radio and have enjoyed the segment called “This I Believe”, which consists of essays written by everyday folks who have a core belief that guides … Continue reading

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The truth will out

Last week, I went to hear Barbara Kingsolver read from her new book at the Cathedral. Afterwards, she mentioned that, when her daughter had gone to school one year, she came home and said, “Mom, they told us today that … Continue reading

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When I became a Customs Agent in San Francisco, the amount of time I would spend in a car came as a surprise. Fortunately there was a great classical music station in the Bay Area, and I heard a lot … Continue reading

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