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A sabbatical, with its roots in the word “sabbath”, promises a time of rest, reflection and renewal to anyone fortunate enough to be granted one.  The Vestry and Rector of St. Alban’s have given me such an opportunity after 17 … Continue reading

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The witnesses

Many years ago, I went to an exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art. The featured artist was Paula Rego, and the show centered on a large, disturbing painting of people jumbled together in a room without apparent connection. … Continue reading

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The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service last Tuesday was wondrous. But I did get off to a rocky start. Up at 3:00 A.M. to turn off the alarm clock, in a half-sleep state I stuck a bookcase and whacked my nose. … Continue reading

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Through a glass, darkly.

It is so tempting to view our lives as simple, linear, narrative threads. A series of events, thoughts and emotions, each in direct causal relationship to its sucessor.  And yet, nothing is ever so clear. There are other people, with … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking or Magical Living?

On Tuesday, the twenty-second of January two-thousand and thirteen, I was lucky to attend the Fifty-Seventh Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.  For me, amidst an avowedly inclusive and ecumenical service of national prayer, the most holy and … Continue reading

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Serpentine Wisdom

Today in the life of the church we celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.  Now it could very well be argued that Paul has done more to shape our beliefs and doctrines about Christianity than any other … Continue reading

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Happy Septuagesima Sunday

Is God a Mathematician?  Did we invent math or did we discover it?  These are the questions asked in a 2009 book by Mario Livio, which, it will surprise no one who knows me, I haven’t read.  For me to … Continue reading

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