What color is dawn?

Visitors in the night are not usually harbingers of good news.  But for young Amahl in Gian-Carlo Menotti’s opera Amahl and the Night Visitors three visitors bring humor, good cheer, the promise of a savior and a miracle to this boy and his mother.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday singers from St. Alban’s Parish will perform this brief opera , written for television more than 50 years ago,   It is the story of a mother’s love, of faith, of joy in simple things, and it never fails to move me.

Have you seen a child the color of wheat, the color of dawn?  King Melchior asks of Amahl’s mother as he tells her why they are following a star’s path to Bethlehem.  Yes, she replies.  She knows such a child, though no one will bring him incense or gold.  And though poor and sick, her child too is the color of wheat, the color of dawn.

This past Monday marked the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and we are reminded that children the color of wheat, of dawn, and any color at all, throughout all time, are equal in God’s eyes.

Please join us for one of the performances this weekend.  All proceeds from the ticket sales will be given to the Bishop Walker School.  To learn about their mission of educating the Amahls of Washington, D.C. you can read more at www.bishopwalkerschool.org

With New Year wishes for peace, health, joy, and simplicity in all our lives.


click below for more details about this weekend’s performances:

Amahl poster2013

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