Things to Know, Things to Share

Recently the newly formed Incorporation Committee at St. Alban’s Parish met to talk about the ways in which we “incorporate,” those who come to our door–from the first-time visitor, to the new member, to those who have been members for even up to two years.

One piece of communication that we would like to develop and give to those visiting St. Alban’s is a short list of maybe 10 things (because I like lists and am a fan of a base ten system of numbering) that visitors should know about St. Alban’s.  What are the 10 bullet points of information that visitors should take with them back out into the world after worshiping with us on a Sunday morning?

Each of the members of the Incorporation Committee has been tasked with coming up with their own Top 10 list, but I would like to open this up to a larger audience of those familiar with all of the ways St. Alban’s could be attractive to a first-time visitor.

So, take a moment and think about what information you think would be most beneficial to a visitor who comes to St. Alban’s.  Think about smaller, more easily digestible pieces of information…think about what information could be given to those who are looking for a new parish to call home, or those who are simply visiting from out of town.

What are the top 10 bullet points of information you would want to put into the hands of visitors to St. Alban’s?  What are the information points you would want to have and know about as a visitor to St. Alban’s, or wish that someone had shared with YOU when YOU first came to St. Alban’s?

Got your list?  Great!  Now take a moment and email me your top 10.  I look forward to hearing from as many people as possible with this project.   Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Peace and Blessings,


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  1. says:

    Great questions! I think 10 may be too much to carry away in the mind (a written document could include them all). Even that said, what a newcomer takes away would be different for each person. For me, it would be music and attention to liturgy (not necessarily exactly what the liturgy is but how it’s carried out). Just as important would be the feeling that I would be welcome at this place, and this would mean being greeted by people, really talked to, introduced to clergy and other parishioners, and eventually asked if I would like to be more involved. In fact, all parishioners should be asked to be involved, especially seniors. (And it should be ok if people don’t want to be involved). Other take-always: children’s programs, teen programs that address the questions that most teens have about religion at this point in their development, study opportunities, adult formation opportunities, follow-up or prior discussion of the lectionary and preaching. I think I’m mixing what currently exists at St. A’s and what I might like to be there!! Oh well…

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