You are invited to a service of

Advent Lessons and Carols

Music and readings for a time of preparation…

The season of Advent is above all a time of watching and waiting for the coming of the kingdom of God.  While there is a sense of restraint and watchfulness in any time of preparation, we have the luxury of also feeling a confident joy as Christmas approaches.  We happen to know that this time of waiting ends with the birth of a savior.  Readings through the season focus on God’s promise of a Messiah and the roles that were played by the great forerunner, John the Baptist, and Mary, mother of Jesus, in God’s plan of salvation, and most of us who have made a career of working in the church love these four weeks of Advent more than any other part of the liturgical year.  Supported by the music and readings, there is a clarity of purpose – to wait, watch, hope and learn of a promise fulfilled.

This story is played out in the context of a single service as well as across the four Sundays of Advent.  A service of Lessons and Carols is famously done each year at King’s College, Cambridge, but also at churches around the world.   Together with music of the season – the Advent season that is and not the carols of mall shopping and popular culture – anticipation and hope are nurtured in each of us.

The Alban Singers of this church will lead a Service of Advent Lessons and Carols at the St. Albans School’s candlelit Little Sanctuary this coming Sunday at 3:00 p.m. The stories of our faith, choral music of Britten, Tavener and others, together with plenty of congregational singing, could become your starting point for a Holy Christmas.  If you’re unable to be there on Sunday afternoon, then you might just want to put together your own service with these links and a Bible in hand.

LESSON – Genesis 3:8-19

LESSON – Genesis 17:1-7

LESSON – Isaiah 11:1-9

LESSON – Baruch 4:36-5:9


LESSON – Isaiah 9:2-7

LESSON –   Luke 1: 26-38

LESSON – Luke 1:39-56

LESSON – John 1:1-14

May the Advent blessings of hope, anticipation, focus, and music be ever present in your lives.


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