Joy to the world

Pure, exuberant joy.  So many of us would like to reclaim that feeling for Christmas from our childhoods.  Life gets more complicated though, expectations change, and joy is sometimes more elusive than we’d like.  While there is nothing simple about what went into creating the five minutes of pure joy you’re about to witness, as spectators we can simply sit and grin as this group of young Muscovites express their joyful exuberance one cold, winter day.  My wish for you on this second day of Christmas is that you experience at least a few minutes of such pure joy during the Christmas season.


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2 Responses to Joy to the world

  1. Lin Schmale says:

    Great find, Sonya! Thanks … the Russian tradition of having the wedding party drive around in a limo, dressed in all their finery, to be photographed at the big monuments, is enhanced beautifully by the bride & groom’s joyful JOYFUL participation here!! Love it!

  2. Christian says:

    Tons of fun.

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