With apologies

I am sorry
for the Daily Cup
I did not write today
but when I awoke
the birds were singing
after long silence.
Five days ago, it must have been,
they carved a glory across the sky:
thirty, forty, sixty of them,
racing past my window panes
tracing a curve across the empty blue
and when, at last, they lifted 
and soared past vision
it was not the sky
but my heart
that was carved wide open
and all the glory of God streaming in
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7 Responses to With apologies

  1. Sally Craig says:

    I like this kind of cup…

  2. Jo says:

    What Sally said… and it brought Christina Rossetti to mind, as well, and now I just want to read poetry and not work.

  3. Linda V says:


  4. PBleicher@aol.com says:

    No need to apologize for that, Deborah…it is lovely! your sister, pat

  5. Marina Bühler-Miko says:

    very nice. Reminds me also of John Keat’s “To Autumn” although your verse is anticipating Spring. Marina

  6. Oh, how lovely! Thank you, Mary for sharing such beauty.

  7. Dennis Jones says:

    Apologies accepted, though none needed. Writers give others much to read–a tautology. Maybe, your pause opened a little space that some budding writer was encouraged to fill. Doors open.

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