Over the weekend the church I am a member of said goodbye to a friend.  And thanks to the church that I belong to the goodbye was magical, and holy.  Funny thing is, and as some parishioners helped me realize today, in the midst of her funeral Peggy continued to  minister to us, still…  Maybe her death helped us realize what her life was really teaching us all along.  Hmm…

In loving memory:

Margaret “Peggy” S.  Belknap

Nov 4, 1930 ~ January 28, 2014

Walk On.

Happy Monday,


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3 Responses to RIP PB

  1. Megan King says:

    Peggy’s warm welcome of our family was one of the reasons we stayed at St. Alban’s. She loved sitting with the children at the back of the church. She once told me that their voices were as beautiful as any choir. We will miss her but know she is smiling on us every time she hears the children in worship.

  2. Marty says:

    Brother Jim…You just got me again. Yes, our church family was at its best yesterday during Peggy’s service. She was a beautiful, faithful, friend to all of us. I am proud and humbled to have known Peggy and to be a part of our loving community. That guy who stood before us and spoke so sincerely about our departed friend is a big part of our family. Bless you.

  3. Jo says:

    Many of us have been thinking the same thing. I have been wanting to write about Saturday, it was so awesome. Peggy and the Holy Spirit at work…

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