Is That You?

Today is the first Monday after Easter.  One point of agreement in the biblical accounts of post-resurrection experiences is that the risen Jesus wasn’t immediately recognizable.  It’s interesting to think about what it might be like to encounter the people that we know well anonymously.

One of the things that I’ve realized in my vocation is that the people that I interact with as a priest are often times perceived somewhat differently by others.  These differences aren’t drastic, and there are exceptions, but in my experience rarely are these inconsistencies flattering; the person I have encountered as patient and respectful is abrupt and gruff with others.

If the cycle of the Christian calendar in any way mirrors a divine reality the next few days or weeks will be the time that the resurrected Jesus will be walking down the road with us as a stranger or observing us from the shore.   He’ll be listening or watching to see if all that has taken place has made any difference in our lives.  If we’re lucky we’ll recognize him.  Hopefully he won’t recognize us.

Happy Monday,


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