A Three-Part Prayer

I’ve become more regular, to the point of devotion, in my practice of yoga this past year, and have enjoyed noticing all the different ways that yoga mirrors what is necessary for good singing. Obvious things like a focus on breath and posture, and less obvious things like continuing to move through a pose (or a note) as your breath moves through your body. I met a colleague this summer whose husband leads workshops on yoga for singers in fact…and at this point choir members at St. Alban’s reading this are getting a little nervous because they’re pretty sure I’ll be inviting him down here to lead a workshop for us.

The teacher I work with most often used a set of words several times in class the other day. She urged us to think of our bodies as sinking into the earth while the wind of our breath moved through our bodies and our minds became as open and light-filled as the sky, and the Hindu half of me felt an East meets West moment throughout class that day as she simply said:


But what I heard was:

Father…Son…Holy Spirit

And more often she says:


May we strive to know the mind of God, as we become the body of Christ and notice more often the moving breath of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Peace. Namaste. Amen.


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6 Responses to A Three-Part Prayer

  1. George says:

    Nicely done, Sonya!
    Did you know that Alex is a certified Yoga Instructor?
    Namas Te!

    • sonyasutton says:

      I did not know that. Thanks for reading and your kind comment. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And to think that I’ve know you for more than half of your married life. Let’s celebrate long marriages and long friendships!

  2. Christian says:


  3. Susan says:

    What a beautiful way to interpret!
    Thank you!

  4. Anton Vanterpool II says:

    Good reflection of the Trinity and its presence in our lives. Inside and outside of the choir room, church or yoga studio.

  5. Eileen says:

    Another great reminder that in life so many things are related if we can just see the relationships —thank you!

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