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Rumbek youth union elect woman as new leader

August 25, 2014 (RUMBEK) – The Rumbek Youth Union (RUMYU) branch in Kenyan capital Nairobi has elected a woman as its new chairperson. The election was organised by students residing in Nairobi seeking a leader to address Lakes state’s internal affairs issues both abroad and at home.

Awut Mayom Agok won the poll with 166 votes ahead of Lion Ghum Maper Manyiel in second position with 164 votes.

It’s the first time a woman has been elected as leader of Lakes state’s most powerful union since the organisation was established in 1987 in Khartoum. It currently represents Rumbek East, Rumbek Central and Rumbek North counties.

The article above comes from today’s issue of the Sudan Tribune.  awut_mayom_agok_the_new_chairlady_of_rumyu_in_nairobi-02c32Awut Mayom Agok, also known as Deborah Awut, graduated in 2011 from the Hope and Resurrection Secondary School in the South Sudan.  For parishioners wondering why this may be significant, we at St. Alban’s are mission partners with Hope for Humanity, Inc. A little more than a year ago your Mustard Seed donations funded the construction of a Girl’s Dorm at the school. Parishioner Dick Parkins met Deborah as she led the students in singing songs when visiting the school in 2009. The news about Deborah’s election came in an e-mail this morning from Jennifer Ernst, one of the school’s directors, with the following: “This is a shining example of the difference St Alban’s is making in South Sudan!”

Yesterday St. Alban’s Mission Committee completed an eighteen-month process of discernment that has resulted in a reorganized Mission Committee structure.  “God’s Work in the World” is the title of this new structure designed to empower our outreach as a parish.  Many have undoubtedly noticed the emphasis at the Adult Forum’s in August that focused on Peace and Education and read about yesterday’s forum that featured our new Global Mission Group’s commitment to mission and ministry in Africa, The Middle East and Latin America.  The new mission structure also includes a three-year commitment to an initiative called TLC (Transforming the Lives of Children through Education), renewed commitments to examine, revise and expand existing ministries as well as encouraging parishioners to exercise their own gifts for mission and ministry within the parish – together we are turning water into wine!

The subgroups in St. Alban’s new mission structure, God’s Work in the World, include the following:

  • TLC:  Transforming the Lives of Children through Education
  • Global Mission
  • Sustaining and Situational Ministries (Crossroads, SOME, Grate Patrol, Christ House, Opportunity Shop, Mustard Seeds, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurial Ministries (Water into Wine initiatives, helping parishioners promote & exercise personal gifts for ministry)

Our new mission structure relies on a trinity of partners within the parish:  The Vestry, members of the Mission Committee & the laity and The Workers of St. Alban’s. Together, and with your help, thanks be to God, we will set forth as we stand on St. Alban’s firm foundation of doing God’s work in the world.  If today’s Cup has created a spark in your heart, let us know and we will discern your role and how to take part…

Amen, Happy Monday and congratulations Deborah Awut!


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  1. ebfrost says:

    Jim, the new structure and energy for mission and outreach at St Albans are very exciting to read about. This is perhaps the most important thing we can do to revitalize and renew St Albans and more broadly the Episcopal Church. Edmund Frost

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