Wade in the Tsunami

I’ve been away for five weeks, and many of you have kindly read what became “Daily Gallon of Good News” in my postings from South Africa and Istanbul.  I thought you might now enjoy a “Daily Teaspoon of Good News”, but in thinking about Sunday’s anthem, a setting of the spiritual Wade in the Water I came across this piece by the Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theater.  It speaks to me of power and jubilation, of grace under oppression, of vitality and hope.  The dancers aren’t wading through water, but evoking a tidal wave of energy and joy.  A tidal wave I’m happy to be swept up in as we all set out on the new program year.  Join me in the dance!

Wade in the Water, Alvin Ailey


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One Response to Wade in the Tsunami

  1. Elinor Constable says:

    thanks for all the great musuc/dance sites you share. i remember Judith Jamison dancing this years ago

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