Our Mission

ASP LogoOn Sunday morning, between the 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. services the 16 youth and adults who traveled in June to Greeneville, Tennessee will present what we learned, felt, and experienced as missionaries.  While we did not travel to some far flung, non-Christian land as perhaps missionaries of times gone by have done, we did bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to two families in Greene County.  We also brought hammers, and tool belts and a healthy amount of eager energy as we worked on their roofs, helping their families to be warmer and drier this winter.  We worked with the Appalachian Service Program (ASP for short) which has helped over 15,000 families in rural Appalachia over the last 45 years.


This is the largest group we’ve taken on an ASP Mission Trip since I’ve been here.  It is the fifth year that St. Alban’s has sent a group of youth and adults to ASP.  We were 16 of over 13,000 volunteers who came to central Appalachia from all over the country to help people they’d never met before.  I am certain that the reasons they came to serve with ASP are as varied as the reasons why our 16 volunteers decided to give up a week of vacation to labor together.  However, I’m also certain that each one left feeling more connected to one another, loved by God, and grateful for the gifts they received from their experience at ASP.


ASP 2014

I hope that you will come to the presentation on Sunday morning and hear our stories.  I hope that you will learn a little bit about why this mission trip is so important and life changing to practically everyone who goes.  I also hope that you will be inspired to perhaps come with us in 2015.  We took 16 this year, I’d like us to take at least 30 in 2015.  The dates are June 21-27, 2015.  The cost is $550 per person and includes all meals, travel and housing.


Come and learn about our mission; come and learn how you can be a missionary with us next year, and how you can help in the name of Jesus Christ.




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Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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One Response to Our Mission

  1. Jo says:

    Indeed awesome!
    For those of us (namely 11:15 choir) who cannot be present, I think we would love to see the names of those who went so we can talk to them on our own and thank them for their ministry.

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