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The Worst is Not the Last

With sincere apologies to the lovely folk who have invited me over for this evening, I have never liked New Year’s Eve. It has always felt to me like a manufactured holiday: a time when we artificially gin up emotion … Continue reading

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Christmas is over?

The Washington Post said it is — on December 26 — on the front page — above the fold. I would have thought they, of all the institutions I trust, would know better. Eleven more days of Christmas and my … Continue reading

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Power In Identity

“…ultimately we all have to believe in things we haven’t seen.” “The opposite of poverty is not wealth.  The opposite of poverty is justice.” Rosa Parks:  “That’s gonna make you tired, tired, tired.”  Virginia Durr:  “That’s why you gotta be … Continue reading

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A Close Shave with God

  Several years ago I set out on a quest. A quest that many, many men before me have undertaken, and that tens of thousands undertake practically every day: Find a comfortable, close shave.   I have tried maybe a … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce

Merry Christmas!  Good for you to get past the title of this posting.  Though puzzling I know, you’ll see that this video does indeed provide a bit of Christmas cheer. Thanks to a St. Alban’s parishioner who sent me … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

There’s a video going around YouTube this Christmas of Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma recording an ancient song called the Wexford Carol, and right at the start, before they begin, Krauss says, “Maybe we can get it on the first … Continue reading

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If you’ve come into the Episcopal Church well after 1979, you probably missed the brouhaha over prayer book revision.  I say ‘probably’ because there are still – still – places where the battle is being fought.  It is amazing to … Continue reading

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