Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce

Merry Christmas!  Good for you to get past the title of this posting.  Though puzzling I know, you’ll see that this video does indeed provide a bit of Christmas cheer.

Thanks to a St. Alban’s parishioner who sent me this YouTube video several years ago, with the following comment:

“this little guerrilla act struck me as a good example of music ministry–making the lone tinkling of the Salvation Army kettle ringer into a resounding song of joy, and when the guerrilla musicians drop away we seem to hear the music of the lone bell, still ringing, differently.”

While the military images of “guerrilla” and “strikeforce” are somewhat disturbing, I do love the idea of ministry happening in surprising ways. And so my Christmas wish for us all is that we find ways to be the unexpected miracle in someone’s life.

May you and those you love enjoy all the blessings of Christmas.





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