Power In Identity

“…ultimately we all have to believe in things we haven’t seen.”

“The opposite of poverty is not wealth.  The opposite of poverty is justice.”

Rosa Parks:  “That’s gonna make you tired, tired, tired.”  Virginia Durr:  “That’s why you gotta be brave, brave, brave.”

The best 23 minutes and 42 seconds you will spend today can be found here:

Merry Christmas and Happy Monday,


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4 Responses to Power In Identity

  1. Justice, joy, love and mercy or compassion are all one thing in God. God isn’t divided up into bits and pieces. If you notice in the Gospels, His mercy He always justifies. His love always comes with justice. His joy is accompanied by truth, sometimes severe.

  2. You can also send money to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  3. Sorry for leaving three replies. But I am quite interested in poverty and I am well acquainted with it. What you can say is the opposite of poverty is empowerment. However, for me it is love, although perhaps the word is abused. It’s just that many are abandoned, not thought of, not cared about. There are many tortured in the prisons even as we speak. No one cares. And there are many fragile and infirm elderly who are left in their own feces in nursing homes. There are children raped. There are drug addicts. What is this life? I doubt you will see justice. It is about as likely as a ray of light in a dungeon. I’ve never known it better than that. Justice has become a popular mantra; it makes us beat our drums. But the real thing is about as rare as a visit from the Lord.

  4. There is often no point in talking about past injustices. The injustices that will pass by, without rectification, of the future are enough. And one thinks that one could end up glutting oneself on beautiful justices, rather selfishly—well just ever little thing pampered with justices. In fact, that would not be so good with regards to God.

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