Taking a Page From The Monks

For the past several months now, I’ve been receiving a daily email from the Brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE for short). The emails come from their, “Brother, Give us A Word” daily blog. They are short, simple, but give me something to think about during the day, which I frequently do.


Here is the “Word” for yesterday, January 15

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.38.17 PM


So, for the next couple of weeks, and maybe through Lent (I haven’t quite decided), I am going to write shorter Daily Cups.  Perhaps some will focus on a word, or an idea from Holy Scripture, or maybe a single verse will suffice.  My hope is that while not giving a venti-sized Daily Cup, they will perhaps provide an espresso shot-sized Cup of concentrated Good News.


With that in mind, here is the first of the series:

“Follow me.”

Mark 2:13-22 


Jesus bids us all  follow him as Lord and Savior.  At moments that call is distinct, others a whisper.  How we pay attention to God’s voice, to the call of Jesus to follow him directs our actions, our words, our lives.  Where have you seen Jesus inviting you to follow him?  Will you listen or turn away?


In Christ’s Name,


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Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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6 Responses to Taking a Page From The Monks

  1. I follow the Trail of Tears–what the Native Americans were forced to begin, what others have been forced to follow. I go into houses of the poor, Black, or elderly and infirm and serve them for free and live with them and love them. There are many tears in this world. There are people who are built of tears. Michelangelo’s naked Jesus in the Pieta in Milan is all tears. Even His member as envisioned by Michelangelo is carved out of tears. Bless’ed are those who mourn. Bless’ed are the poor. The Sermon on the Mount is a self portrait of Jesus. And it is not about dancing and singing but about hard labor and sorrow. So much so that I feel guilty when I’m happy. For Jesus gave Himself as the Bridegroom on the Cross naked to us. It was as soft and tender as a Lover gives Himself but wounded, so wounded. How can we ever laugh again? So to follow Jesus….

  2. noniesings says:

    I like espresso! Can I have my shot at the Cafe St. Eustachio in Roma? 😉

  3. Yes, Rome is a lovely city. But it’s not that I’m promoting myself, but I’m pointing out that in order to follow Jesus, you may have to fight with Him for a long time. And then you are given a dreadful situation–a real hole of misery. And you sit there trying to coax an old lady who is grieving for her dead family to soak her broken toe in a foot bath. Well, THAT is Jesus.

  4. I feel so very beautifully blessed sometimes: it’s as if in my life and work the Christ comes down off the Cross and is begotten in my own flesh and blood and goes forth as my Son.

  5. I don’t mean that I am God. I would NEVER say such a thing. I mean that God begets Him in me. “All who listen and keep the Commandments are my mother and my brethren.”

  6. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    I like this new direction very much, Matthew! Thank you– I look forward to future Words.

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