Such as These

Amanda DelabarLast year we reorganized the Mission Committee at St. Alban’s Parish.  The reorganization began with a day-long retreat and reflecting on a book we had read: Journey Inward, Journey Outward by Elizabeth O’Connor.

One result of our reorganization was naming a central vision focus for engaging God’s Work in the World locally and globally.  The vision focus we discerned was born out of members of the Mission Committee reflecting on the gifts we have been so blessed to receive in our own lives.  One of those gifts that we all held in common was the blessing of an excellent education.   Hence, the Holy Spirit led us to our mission focus:  Transforming the Lives of Children through Education.

The service leaflets for the 4th Sunday of Epiphany at St. Alban’s yesterday included a four page insert describing some of the amazing mission work the Holy Spirit has done through the faithful people of St. Alban’s in 2014.  Harriet TubmanThe Adult Forum featured a presentation by Amanda Delabar, Principal of Harriet Tubman Elementary School in Columbia Heights. Harriet Tubman is a DC Public School located just a few miles from St. Alban’s and a new partner in our mission to transform the lives of children through education.

So many people attended Amanda’s presentation yesterday there was standing room only in Nourse Hall.  Amazing Grace!  If you missed it, yesterday’s Adult Forum presentation will be posted on the St. Alban’s website soon.   We’ll keep the parish posted on what are a myriad of volunteer opportunities for your engagement in our new partnership with Amanda and the students and faculty at Harriet Tubman as well as other initiatives with our partnerships with Hope and Resurrection School in South Sudan, St. Savior’s School in Zarka, Jordan, the Bishop Walker School in SE DC and another local ministry effort with unaccompanied minors in the DC area.

It was an amazing Sunday at St. Alban’s.

And now a Happy Monday…


But Jesus called for them and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.

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3 Responses to Such as These

  1. Linda V says:


  2. Education is a graceful thing when it opens the mind instead of closing it. The Holy Spirit may lead you to consider the capabilities of those marginalized (considered strange or different) because the little child is he or she or they who have trusted in grace with all his or her strength and may appear distorted in today’s consumer society. May God make fools and children of us all!

  3. Eileen says:

    Great, great message and fantastic work. Sounds like St. Alban’s is where it needs to be!

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