Word of The Day: Circumcised


 Galatians 5:1-15, Feast of Absalom Jones
Pop Star, Justin Bieber.  Photo credit: SPLASH/Daily Star

Pop Star, Justin Bieber. Photo credit: SPLASH/Daily Star

In Paul’s day, to be circumcised was the visible sign for Jewish men of their faith; they were indelibly marked, changed as a symbol of their faith. For centuries circumcision, or not, was a raging controversy for Christians. Today, for many Christians the visible sign is wearing a cross that can be taken on or off, even used as a fashion accessory.  Holy Baptism leaves no visible, long-lasting mark. Think about those who visibly show their faith, their love of God, their devotion to their beliefs—how do you know he or she is a person of faith? How would anyone know you were a person of faith?



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Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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  1. I have learned that the moments when we bear (besides wear) our cross are very precious to Christ—far more than our rejoicing— and so I am not ashamed to say I suffer. To paraphrase St. Paul—I boast my stripes and my beatings, …I know people who wear the hidden stigmata of a person of faith. It may be a North Korean Christian—can it not be that the battered face, the tears, the emaciation or fatigue, the test of near despair psychologically yet the faithfully clinging to God is a talisman in heaven an imprint of the estate of the King we call the Cross?

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