Untitled as of Yet

IMG_4921A couple of months ago while brainstorming our next creative retreat for St. Alban’s parish Sandy Wilson, Leo Coco and I were inspired to create a sculpture for the Easter Vigil.  The piece is untitled, as of yet, and also unfinished, but the inspiration came from reflecting on the Alpha Omega window in St. Alban’s Nourse Hall.

The sculpture is a 48″ diameter sphere fabricated from hammered copper wire. The next step in creating the piece is to add some internal structure from which individual copper leaves will hang at different levels from smaller copper wire. IMG_8192Each leaf will be stamped with the initials of individuals known by parishioners and friends of St. Alban’s. Those who, as The Book of Common Prayer so aptly commends, are “those we love but see no longer.”

The “bottom” of the sphere will hold a copper oil lamp and our hope is to light the lamp (rather, or along with, the liturgically awkward Weber grill) for the Lighting of the New Fire at the beginning of the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 4th at 8pm.  The oil lamp will illuminate the stamped leaves inside the sphere and then the sphere will be “raised,” symbolizing our hope in the resurrection.  IMG_8141Once raised the sculpture will be illuminated with LED lights.  If you are a friend of St. Alban’s parish and you’d like the name of someone that you love but see no longer incorporated into this work of art e-mail me with the name of your loved ones:  jimq@stalbansdc.org and write Vigil Project in the subject line.  We’ll incorporate, as best we can, every name that we receive.

Just where will the piece hang?  Could someone steal it after it is hung?  IMG_8139And how will it be “raised?”  All good questions, and I dare say theological in nature…  apropos for Holy Week, too.  Pray for the artists!  And send the names of those you love but see no longer.

Happy Monday,


p.s.  click on the pics to enlarge them… the lines and shadows under the light of God are pretty cool

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4 Responses to Untitled as of Yet

  1. Oh, Wow! Just like the New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square! Only more refined and thoughtful.

  2. Penny Glass says:

    It’s extraordinary, as it should be! I would like to offer the memory of my son, Anthony Glass, his name or initials to be inscribed on a leaf.

    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 20:06:02 +0000 To: pglass123@msn.com

  3. Loren B. Mead says:

    Would like to include name of my Polly: Polly Mellette Mead. If possible.
    Please note: Quigley name link in this message would not accept e-mail. Loren Mead

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