Word of The Day: Death


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All of us will die.  But we do not have to fear death.  Why?  Today, as Christians, we mark the day that Jesus died for the redemption of the whole world.  The fact that God’s son…and therefore God…died–knows the sting and agony of death–is a truly remarkable thing.  No other religion features this truth:  The creator is killed by the creation, to save, sanctify and redeem fallen the creation.  Jesus dies for our sins today and in doing so raises us up to the new life in His name. Death no longer has power over us.  Death no longer is the terminal point in the process.  Now we have eternal life.  This is THE Good News.  When will we start living like we believe in this truth?



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Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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2 Responses to Word of The Day: Death

  1. And yet, this life means something to God. We are supposed to live it with grace and truth. We are supposed to make manifest the resurrection in our bodies and acts. That is, it is our duty to show eternal life in a non eternal one. And therefore, we must demonstrate the qualities of eternal life in our every day lives: like love and faith and hope. I think this is where we are warriors like the angels. Our breast plate is love, our shining helmet hope and our sword faith. Where people fall in despair, we must raise them. And where they are beset in an agony of doubt or pain, we must fight for them, defending the Son of God in every one of His poor.

  2. Kristie Hassett says:

    Amen! Even on Good Friday, the Good News is already there!

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