I am Going Fishing

The daily gospel readings assigned for the week after Easter Day all focus on how and when the resurrected Jesus appears to those he knew and loved.  Today’s reading from John has Jesus appearing to seven of the twelve disciples by the sea of Tiberias.  The disciples have gone back to doing what they know how to do: they go fishing.  And, after a long night at it, they catch nothing.  At daybreak Jesus stands on the beach and directs them to throw the net over the opposite side of the boat and, of course, the net is overflowing with fish.  FishImage620-300_0Simon Peter is told that Jesus is the one on the beach, and, with his typical impulsiveness, doesn’t wait for the boat to come ashore but jumps into the sea to swim in to meet Jesus.  Everything in this vignette seems almost normal.  The disciples are doing what they know how to do (they have gone back to fishing), Jesus does what he seemed to always do (work a miracle and break bread with the disciples)….except that Jesus is dead and risen again.  Jesus shows up when the disciples least expect him and in the midst of–what was for them–the familiar, the mundane, the ordinary.  My hunch is that for us today that’s exactly when Jesus shows up to be with us as well.  Perhaps it is in the face of a long-time friend or in an interruption of a ho-hum task that Jesus appears to us.  Further, like the disciples, I bet we don’t always realize at first Jesus is present with us.  But, if we are on the lookout, and we expect to be found by the risen Jesus, Jesus will appear to us.  Where has Jesus presented himself to us, and in whose face will we recognize our risen Lord?


With Eastertide Blessings,



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Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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2 Responses to I am Going Fishing

  1. The Lord says, specifically: Children, Have ye any meat? I like the way He refers to them as children. The meat is of course the Word. Sometimes, I don’t know if Christ is God. I only know that were I to stop loving and trusting Him, the Light of the world would go out. No matter how painful it has been to live in real poverty, chastity, and love for others (often despite the fact that I have none in return) the fact of being able to say I love Him and that it is true (despite our fights) is indeed my meat.

  2. I’d like to go to St. Michael’s church in Lesvos. St. Michael is a true and honest angel. A lot of so-called disciples in the world are frauds and cannot be counted on.

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