Christos Anesti: St Alban’s

 IMG_8720IMG_8721IMG_8722IMG_8723IMG_8724IMG_8725IMG_8726IMG_8727TBTGOMOU&LC SW; JT SA

Happy Monday, Jim+

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3 Responses to Christos Anesti: St Alban’s

  1. One thing: Christ (and it is Christ not so much Jesus) in the Greek Orthodox Communion is not someone you lean your head against or hug. He is someone whose footprints you kiss, if you dare. He is harsh and huge. But He is everywhere. He is sweet and knows exactly your guile. He is not only a Man who is kind and loving. He is also the Uncreated Light and Living Water. He is the Ancient of Days and the Sword of God. He is God, the Son. And He was before He was incarnated. It is Xristos Anesti, Christ is Risen because HE is the one whose Body and Blood are given in Holy Eucharist. It is LIVING not dead flesh. He is Eternal Life.

  2. Joohn Daniel says:

    Translate, please, TBTGOMOU&LC SW; JT SA

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