Every now and again, as I take a look at the upcoming week’s church calendar, I see a name of a saint that either because of the name or the title makes me go and find out more about who he or she was and why the church might have bestowed sainthood upon that individual.  Well, today’s saint certainly piqued my curiosity.  And the story of Enmegahbowh is certainly well worth the read.

Enmegabowh, "He who stands before his people" AKA The Rev. John Johnson

Enmegahbowh, “He who stands before his people” AKA The Rev. John Johnson

But what struck me about Enmegahbowh is that although he did do extraordinary things in a turbulent time in history, like just about every other saint he was in many ways an ordinary man through whom flowed the Holy Spirit.  Yes, he was brave and yes he did amazing things–but he did them because he used the talents and gifts given to him by God and said, “yes” to the ways in which God was working in his life.  What are the collection of gifts, skills, talents, and traits, that comprise your unique make up?  How can you use those for the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God, and in doing so change the world–even if it is only your own corner of the world?  Where can you follow Enmegahbowh’s example and say your own “yes” to God who is alive, active and hard at work in your life?


In Christ’s name,



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Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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2 Responses to Enmegahbowh

  1. God has given me to understand that what we call “reality”in our lives, often scientifically understood–that is, matter without Spirit–is our own bad fiction. We see things in ways which are loveless and hopeless and faithless. But this is not reality in God. I am writing a novel called “Unholy Book” about this and how we can change our hearts and thus reality. (We can love so that there are no more killings of unarmed black people by police.) Here is an excerpt of that novel:
    There was another reality, one of her students told her. A quiet man with little of the noteworthy about him. Another reality? Yes, the path through the forest, illuminated like a lantern in the darkness of the world, in the morning, radiant and sweet; dark as blindness in the night. You see, as do so many, reality as a wall, a prison wall in front of you. It is inexorable fate, unyielding, entirely pitiless. The pitilessness of every day—of the bad coffee, of the stink of a person whom you are forced to be close to—day after day until your death. But there is another reality. Not such bad fiction: A reality of opening, the mystical opening. It is where I become a person and you, gifted with true speech…. Efemia stood still in the college lounge listening to him; she stood like a wild animal, still and listening.

  2. Linda V says:

    Dear Matthew – When we crack open the nutshell, I suspect this is what we will find inside. Thank you.

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