Mea Culpa

A Daily Cup last week, one written by yours truly, began like this: “As is likely true for many others, yesterday was one of the most memorable days that I have ever experienced in church.”  

Indeed, last Sunday was a remarkable day.  But ever since I posted “Only God” I’ve had second thoughts about that opening sentence.  I’ve been asking myself:

What about the day that I (or you) was baptized?

What about the day just a few years ago (for me like 23) that yours truly (or you) was literally lost then found by God’s amazing Grace?

What about the day that an experience of the Holy Eucharist changed Sara Miles’ life forever?

What about the Sunday just a few weeks ago when at the early service the congregation was invited to gather around the altar for the The Great Thanksgiving after which a newcomer came (in tears) to one of our priests saying that they had never experienced Holy Communion with such intensity and “felt like a disciple of Jesus, being sent out into the world to do God’s work”?

What about yesterday when someone told me after the service that they heard God beckoning them to a deeper kind of faith because by virtue of the liturgy they sang the words “for thou shalt surely bless all those who live the words they pray“?

What about the day(s) when God spoke to you?

So Mea Culpa.  “Through my fault”  I failed last Monday to recognize what happens every Sunday.  If you read this post and you have had a memorable day at church share it please. Right here, where everyone can see.  It’s easy to do.  Then log back on and see what people say. My hunch is that every single Sunday at St. Alban’s church was, is and forever will be a memorable, not to mention remarkable, day for someone.  Thanks be to God.

Happy Monday,

Jim+ 143

p.s.  thank you for prayers for my daughter.  She is fine and was traveling and that’s why I asked for your prayers.






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5 Responses to Mea Culpa

  1. Craig Albright says:

    The outpouring of interest in helping the Harriet Tubman school I found moving. Hearing youth talk about their ASP and pilgrimage trips are always powerful moments in my experience. I love the alleluia bells on Easter and the kids pageant at Christmas. But lately every week it’s at the moment when we’re given the charge after communion that i’ve been inspired by: “Send us now into the world in peace, and grant us strength and courage to love and serve you with gladness and singleness of heart”

  2. Christian says:

    Time after time… my quiet time in prayer in church opens the airwaves to hear God’s voice, as well as to hear my own. Am I complaining? Am I only praying for me and my needs? Am I listening to God’s response? What is He saying? I am always impressed seeing Jesus being crucified behind the altar — a good reminder.

  3. Jo says:

    So many — but I have to say baptisms and funerals have filled my eyes and my heart — feeling God’s tender presence and the palpable witness of community at both ends of life.
    Also — after a long health-realted absence, hearing the words “welcome home” at the altar rail. Isn’t that the deep yearning within all of us?

  4. Janis Grogan says:

    Wonderful Jim, I look forward to reading Mea Culpa submissions in the future. Thanks, Jan

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