Día de Muertos

Last night at church we celebrated All Souls (or the Feast for the Faithful Departed). I have told many that I thought the service was brilliant.  Brilliant in its simplicity, brilliant in light, brilliant in hope, brilliant in sound – the soothing sound of sacred scripture and sacred music sung by a talented choir.  IMG_1001But the service was also brilliant in its silence; the silence of the peace proclaimed by the flickering light of the candles placed on the altar in memory of those we love but who have gone.  Silent night, holy night, all was calm, all was bright.  Sleep, in heavenly peace, ye souls, sl-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eep, in heavenly peace.

After the service a few of us gathered to prepare a meal together.  It was as if the brilliance of the liturgy for All Souls stayed with us.  Much of the conversation was about remembering.  We remembered and shared stories about our parents and those we love but see no longer.   But we also shared stories about those we love now.  SHMILY stories, I call them… See How Much I Love You stories.

No worries if you missed the service at St. Alban’s last night.  The official day to remember the Souls of the Faithful Departed is today, Nov 2.  If you read this post tonight it’s dark outside.  Light a candle and remember those you love but see no longer.  The light will illuminate, without words, not just your love for them but their love for you.  Light the candle and listen to the sound of that silence.

Happy Monday,





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4 Responses to Día de Muertos

  1. Rev. Debbie says:

    I lighted candles this evening. Thank you for a lovely, inspiring post. Rev. Debbie+

  2. Janis Grogan says:

    Thank you Jim, I am remembering Gene and others dear to me as well. I missed last night because I took Joyce to the airport but now I feel a part of the service.

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  3. Linda V. says:

    Thank you, Jim. This has helped me into the spirit of remembrance.

  4. Christian says:

    Beautifully written, Jim. Very uplifting — despite the sadness.

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