Living Water

In the gospel reading assigned for today, from John (John 7:37-52), Jesus cries out: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, and let the one who believes in me drink.”


The world we live in, our consumer-driven culture, screams this at us all of the time.  “Want to lose weight?  Get this miracle diet (come to me)!….Want to look younger?  Buy this anti-aging cream (come to me)!…Want people to envy you?  Come and drive this sports car (come to me)!  And on and on and on.  All are temporary fixes that may make us feel better about ourselves, might let us drive faster, or even be envied by our neighbors…all of which leave our soul as parched as the desert.


The water that Jesus offers us is water for our soul.  And out of our believing hearts “flow rivers of living water,” that we believers have welling up inside of us.  And, those rivers flow out of us into the world soaking others with the love of God in Christ–the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God.


We all have been in parched dry places…in relationships, in our interaction with God, in how we see ourselves, in how we treat others (and THAT list also goes on and on).  But, we also have been in wet places as well.  Sometimes those come from God working through our believing hearts, and other times we are the beneficiaries of that living, thirst-quenching water that someone else has poured over us.


In those moments of receiving the gift of that living water, or giving that precious life-giving gift, let us stop and give thanks to God who is alive, active, and wants us to never be parched or thirsty, but overflowing with the water of new life.


In Christ,





About matthewhanisian

Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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