A Final Cup of Good News

This will be the last Daily Cup that I write.  The former Rector of St. Alban’s, Scott Benhase, came up with the idea in 2008 and I have been grateful every since to have a weekly obligation to express thoughts that more often lay in my heart in musical notation, rather than words.  But finding the words has been a wonderful gift to me, and from the notes I have received over the years, a gift on occasion to some of you.  Thank you.

Love and forgiveness have been the overarching themes of my life, and I hope that glimmers of love and forgiveness sometimes came through these weekly offerings.  It would bring me a lot of joy to think so.  Please come and celebrate Martin Luther King’s vision for the human race at St. Alban’s this coming Sunday, January 17.  My last at St. Alban’s.  We’ll go out Lifting Every Voice in Song, and let Easter arrive just a bit early with Widor’s Toccata.

All shall be well in the end.  And if it is not well, then it is not the end.  (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).  Peace and blessings.


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16 Responses to A Final Cup of Good News

  1. Therese says:


    So wish we could be there. Dennis, Rhian and I will lift every voice in song in our hearts and minds for you on Sunday. I have no doubt goodness is in store for you wherever you go. Much love always.

  2. Vivian Andary says:

    Thank you for your exquisitely beautiful and inspirational writing. I will miss your writing very much, but I know you will be onto the next adventure on your path. I have frequently kept your writings for further reflections. I would love to see a book of your writings.
    God bless you for spreading God’s light into the world. I hope that someday I will also hear your music.

    With Gratitude,
    Vivian Andary

  3. Betsy Koepnick says:

    From Naperville, Illinois, I send my thanks and best wishes!

  4. Peter says:

    Your grace and gifts have resonated through your “cups.” I am sure I am not alone as a member of the 8am cohort who will miss you and the opportunity to say to myself once a week, “oh good a cup from Sonya!” Thank you, thank you for all you have given to St. Albans.

  5. William Gage says:

    Thanks for all of your wonderful messages you have sent to many of us over the years! Often very insightful causing one to pause and be thankful for what we have and knowing that Christ is always with us.

    Best of luck in your new venture!!


    Bill Gage

    101 North 7th Avenue
    West Reading, PA 19611
    Ph- 610-376-1771
    Fax- 610-376-1718

    [WBENC Logo]


  6. What a blessing your words, your heart, and your music have been to us all. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts.

  7. Harriet Bowden says:

    Sending much love to you, Sonya.

  8. Peter Jenks says:

    From Thomaston, Maine, Sonya, your reflections have always been very insightful and I have enjoyed them immensely. May God’s grace and peace guide you in your new ventures. You are one of the great lights in the church. Thank you.
    The Rev. Peter Jenks

  9. Marty Kerns says:

    I, like Peter, am a member of the 8 am cohort who was not able to enjoy your wonderful music. However, I have enjoyed your daily cups. Among the ROMEOs there is always discussion of your wonderful musical presentations and how much they mean to them. I do not know why you are leaving but, my wish for you is that God holds you and your family His hand always.

  10. Cindy Condyles says:

    Wishing you much joy in your next journey. Your music has been such a blessing.

  11. Gordon Avery says:

    Thanks, Sonya. And thanks for your wonderful years of service. 20 years, and much that was prayer and music mixed together. Let love and reconciliation abound.

    Warmly, Gordon

  12. Joyce Walker says:

    P.S. Sonya, Last Sunday’s postlude was beautiful, and beautifully played. It sent us forth with joy.
    Thank you.
    Joyce Walker

  13. Ellen Schou says:

    Dear Sonya, I send you my love and my appreciation for all that you have done at St. Alban’s and for me. I have looked forward to the monthly midday concerts, your Cup of Good News each Thursday and to the glorious music each Sunday. Thank you, Sonya for your friendly greetings and your beautful smile. Fondly, Ellen

  14. Janice and Andy molchon says:

    We will miss you so much -your organ playing,choir building and directing,inspired programming and your weekly cup and of course you It has been an honor to know you for the last 20 years and to be present for all the wonderful things you have done for the music at St Albans. Andy and I thank you for all that you have brought us and pray that all shall be well for you

  15. Connie Boland says:

    Dear Sonya, I will miss your “weekly cup” and especially at Easter and Christmas when we are decorating the church, arranging flowers, etc the music from the organ, being played by you in practice, fills my heart with joy and the splendor of the Lord is there. I am usually an 8 am-er but always love it when I am at a service with the choir and your gifted playing and conducting. Bless you and best of luck in the new chapter of your life that is about to open, Connie Boland

  16. Bruce Barrow says:

    Dear Sonya, Not only has your music been a blessed gift, but your Daily Cups have been among the most insightful and inspiring Cups of all. Your departure from St. Alban’s is an agonizing loss for me (and for many others). Blessings for your future. Bruce

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