Y’all Come

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, I was exposed to a lot of southern hospitality.  We used to joke, “Well, we can SEE the south from Cincinnati, just across the river!”  One of the expressions that seems to have stuck with me is, “Y’all come!”  which of course is one of the quintessential expressions of southern hospitality, of which there are many.  I’ve learned that the “y’all” part means you, and your family…and even sometimes (depending on the context) your friends: the hospitality is for everyone.  And, most of the time the phrase is said in the context of coming together to share a meal…to socialize, to laugh, to talk, and to reconnect.

On Sunday, even if the White Death is upon us, y’all come to Café St. Alban’s.  We’ll have freshly cooked waffles, fruit, juice, and egg casserole.  This year the J2A Group has invited parishioners to help provide the delicious egg casserole that the youth will be serving, making this a true “family effort” of hospitality.


One of the things I’ve loved about the spirit of St. Alban’s is how the youth programs are supported.  Now, I’m not talking about financial support solely–the generosity goes far deeper than just that.  There is a desire to KNOW and LOVE the youth of our parish and to help with the work of formation: adults in Children’s Chapel, Godly Play teachers, all of the adult leaders of the four youth groups…and every person who takes a moment to ask one of our youth how they are, or how school is going, or where they’re going on pilgrimage.  That love, that interest…means such a great deal, and St. Alban’s does this better than any parish I’ve ever seen.

So, y’all come on Sunday.  The doors open at 8:30 a.m. and we’ll be serving deliciousness all morning long.  Have a seat, eat some good food, talk with your parish family, reconnect, laugh…y’all come.

In Christ,


About matthewhanisian

Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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