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The Hebrew Bible, known as the Tanakh in Judaism, is divided into three parts – Torah, The Prophets and The Writings.  Tanakh is an acronym for the three categories included in the Hebrew canon: Torah; Nevi’im; and Kethuvim. A couple … Continue reading

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Ezekiel’s Vision Anew?

The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel chronicles a ministry to exiles.  The overwhelming picture that Ezekiel, prophet and priest, paints in the 48 chapters of his testimony is the image of a God whose abiding presence provides hope to hopeless … Continue reading

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False Prophets

Usually, about this point in the quadrennial national election cycle, people begin to lament that we’ve entered into the “silly season” of campaign rhetoric—a phase that seems to lengthen with each go-round.  It’s usually categorized by the radical hyperbole and … Continue reading

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