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I Will Sing, Sing A New Song (40)

During a church service a few weeks ago our music director and choir offered the congregation a beautiful rendition of U2’s lullaby, MLK.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8lP7ZXe5t4   (maybe we can post their rendition here soon).  I cried hearing a song from an “album” … Continue reading

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Sleeping and Staying Busy…It’s All Good

There was an article in this past Sunday’s New York Times about new evidence suggesting more ways that the human body uses our sleep time for healing and making the adjustments in our brains and bodies that we need.  Over … Continue reading

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I’d been in something of a funk this week.  Sad about leaving, worried over the details of a trip to Taiwan, stressed about the move, I was no fun to be around.  That was until the other night when I … Continue reading

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