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I love mystery.  Not so much reading mysteries, though my younger self was devoted to Nancy Drew, but just a certain comfort level with the unknown.  Clearly I would make a terrible scientist. Trinity Sunday, this coming Sunday, generally flummoxes … Continue reading

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God in Ordinary

I traveled to New York City last weekend to attend the funeral of a woman who had been like a grandmother to me. (For a few years, she had actually been my grandmother; my family looks more like a grove … Continue reading

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Venerable, Just Like Bede

With apologies to loyal Daily Cup readers, this was the entry that was SUPPOSED to have gone out on Friday…here it is a couple of days late.  I hope you enjoy it all the same! Peace and Blessings,     … Continue reading

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There is a use of the word “failed” that really bugs me, and I get the chance to be bugged almost daily by news reports on the radio and TV and in the paper.  It is in the phrase “Congress … Continue reading

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On this Memorial Day I give thanks for those who have answered the call and protected many they did not know.  Those who have swallowed their fear and have run toward danger.  Those who have internalized and made reflexive the … Continue reading

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The round earth’s imagined corners

The Holy Sonnets of English poet John Donne (1572-1631) were written at a time when the devoutly Catholic Donne reluctantly became an Anglican priest upon strong “encouragement” from King James I.  Donne’s brother had been jailed for protecting a Catholic … Continue reading

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The Spirit Searches Everything

What moves you with wonder and awe? For many thousands of years, looking up at the night sky has been an experience of primal wonder for women, men, and children. I remember vividly being woken as a child and taken … Continue reading

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