About us

The Daily Cup is written by members of the clergy and staff of St. Alban’s Parish in Washington, D.C.

We welcome the faithful, the seeker, and the doubter for God’s embrace is wide and God’s Good News is for all.

We are a village in the city – a community that daily seeks to live into our motto of hospitality and an affirmation of God’s radically inclusive love.  If you are a visitor or a newcomer to St. Alban’s Parish, we hope you experience a welcoming family and a vibrant community – we hope you find your spiritual and physical home and that you will come alongside us as we strive together to be the living face, hands, and feet of Jesus Christ.

At St. Alban’s we are also pilgrims – deeply connected to place yet constantly on the move. We prayerfully seek God’s direction, in this strange and changing world—and yet we know that it is not only through our intentions but also in our acts, in reaching out, in our worship, our fellowship, and in our learning that we are being transformed. We want to be a community that lives its faith, in the pews on Sunday and in our lives the whole week through.

Our task now is to seize the opportunities before us, to fill the space that God has prepared, to celebrate and share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.  Will you join us?

To learn more about St. Alban’s Parish, read our blog and visit us at www.stalbansdc.org.

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