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Thank you

On Christmas Day 2012, as it has for almost three decades, St. Alban’s Parish hosted a Community dinner for 170+ souls. This enormous undertaking involves a staggering amount of food and labor.  All of this  made the lighter by the … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Expectation

Before I came to seminary in 2007 I worked in a rather high pressure sales and marketing job.  My job was interesting, but overall was a grind filled with 60-hour workweeks, challenging sales goals and sometimes-difficult customers.   I will admit … Continue reading

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a request was made to repeat this Daily Cup from last year.  Enjoy! If this video doesn’t make you smile and fill you with the simplest kind of joy, then your heart just might be two sizes too small.   Handel’s … Continue reading

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St. Stephen’s Day

Now during those days [soon after the Resurrection], when the disciples were increasing in number, the Hellenists complained against the Hebrews because their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution of food. And the twelve called together the whole … Continue reading

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Throughout the lessons, prayers, and hymns of the Church, and especially during Christmas season, the references to Jesus as the light of the world is pronounced. For those of us living in the modern age, even in many undeveloped countries, … Continue reading

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In the Darkest Night

Hope.  A word whispered in the dark. A word just this side of faith, choked out amidst tears and pain. A tiny, sputtering flame surrounded by darkness. Illuminating and casting its glow to all around it. The genesis of all … Continue reading

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The Healing Day

With the horrors that haunted us this week, from Sandy Hook to the fiscal cliff (not to mention the challenges of our more private lives), today I needed a little balm in my Gilead.  So I spent the parts of … Continue reading

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Like the FAITH of Thomas

Today in the life of the Church we celebrate the apostle St. Thomas.  I like Thomas.  That’s right, I’ll say it again:  I like Thomas.  Here’s why:  he’s just about the most real and accessible of the apostles (OK, maybe … Continue reading

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“Fear Not”

Mary was urged to “fear not” when an angel told her of the child she would bear.  The shepherds were told as well to “fear not” by angels who assured them that they brought good tidings of great joy, the … Continue reading

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Stepping from the Shadows

Monday night, I went to a Christmas concert. The singing was beautiful, both traditional carols and unfamiliar pieces, a few even new to the world this season. From time to time, the audience stood and joined the singers, a couple … Continue reading

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