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Watching some Olympic event this week has reminded me of a question I have posed to persons attending my occasional workshop on “Integrating the Daily Office into your Daily Life.” If you think of church life as an athletic event, … Continue reading

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Trainwreck of Thought

There is a great deal out of our control.  But it often seems that these things beyond us take up so much of our brain space, that the things in our control go off the road and into the ditch. … Continue reading

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I Am The Walrus, William Reed Huntington and Love…What a Post!

Two things immediately come to mind when I think about the saint that we celebrate today, Episcopal priest, William Reed Huntington.  They are two vastly non-related images, so bear with me…  First: the idea that from small things sometimes grow … Continue reading

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The cathedral city of Wells in the Somerset region of England is named, not surprisingly, for the nearby wells that continuously pour forth fresh, clear water.   Culturally, historically, and Biblically, wells have been places for gathering and for healing.  And … Continue reading

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St. James

Last fall, many in our congregation were excited to see a film called The Way, which traced the adventures of four strangers who had decided (for reasons they did not fully understand) to hike the pilgrim way to Santiago de Compostella, … Continue reading

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Reading again, in “Holy Women, Holy Men” about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Ross Tubman on their feast day last week reminded me how important it is to touch base with these stories regularly because there … Continue reading

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By Reputation Only

While growing up in the Roman Catholic Church I read lots about the lives of the saints.  And while there were myriad stories of young men performing every manner of heroic deed in defense of their faith, all the girl … Continue reading

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