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All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween was always my father’s holiday.  My mother hates it.  She doesn’t think herself clever about costumes and such, so she pretty much just stayed out of the way.  As I look back, I realize it was probably the only … Continue reading

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Happiness in Small Things

Three weeks ago a package arrived at my house, the arrival of which I had been eagerly awaiting.  Inside the small brown package was a new gearshift knob for my car.  With the joy of a seven-year-old, I ripped open … Continue reading

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He moved my soul to seek him, seeking me

So often we talk about our journeys of faith, our searching for God, our questioning – or our denial – of God as if we had control of God’s place in our lives.  A modest hymn found in The Hymnal … Continue reading

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Tools of the trade

Daily Cup, or Finance Committee? Those seem to be my choices for the morning, at least for the early part of it.  It seems like a straight-up choice for a priest, doesn’t it? The Daily Cup, after all, is read … Continue reading

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Prayers and poetry for those who served in war

Recently, I have been moved by how poetry, prayer and music are linked in our experiences of remembering those who died in war or have served in war. When we plan a Burial service, families often have a poem that … Continue reading

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Plan B

This past Sunday was Pie Sunday.  Don’t go looking for it in the lectionary, it isn’t there. It is a day when parishioners make pies and bring them to share with others.  As someone who takes a great deal of … Continue reading

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“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

If you will permit me, I am writing my Daily Cup entry with not so much Friday on my mind, but Saturday.  The quote from Isaiah (Isaiah 43:19), which is the title of this Daily Cup entry, has been on my … Continue reading

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