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Reflections on Freedom

As I contemplate the upcoming fourth of July celebration, a couple of things have been running through my mind.  Many years ago, on a bright sunshiny, really pleasant Spring day I happened to be biking through the Mall, and upon … Continue reading

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Ye of Little Faith? Thank You

In Matthew’s gospel there’s a great story about a man who brings his epileptic son to Jesus. The man explains that his son suffers so badly that he often “falls into the fire and into the water” and that he had already … Continue reading

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Grace wins

The Wednesday blogger has been delinquent the last couple of weeks. Things at church have been a bit of a whirlwind, and the Daily Cup became the thing I intended to get to, but didn’t, in order to keep the … Continue reading

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Finding The Trinity in Appalachia

One of the fundamental tenets of our faith is the understanding that the God we worship is one God in three persons. This means that at the core of our faith, the very nature of God is built upon the … Continue reading

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June 25: James Weldon Johnson, Poet

It was sung in churches all over the country last Sunday. A sign of solidarity with the families of those killed in Charleston last week, with the AME church, and with African-Americans. The power of a song to connect us … Continue reading

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Baseball Wedding

I was privileged two or three weeks ago to assist at a couple of weddings at St. Alban’s.  Like confirmations, it is always moving to see adults make considered, public declarations.  As I watched them take their positions in the … Continue reading

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Pass It On

As of early yesterday morning my colleague Matthew is shepherding a large group (48) of youngsters and adult mentors on an Appalachian Service Project mission trip.  I’ve been on a dozen similar trips and remember telling Matthew some time ago … Continue reading

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