I’mIMG_2810 Irish.  I love saying that.  We Irish love stories and every time we tell stories the details change but the truth remains… (one might think here of the Gospels?)!

So here’s my gospel for the day, a little late.

I can remember sitting around a table with some of my siblings when my older brothers and sisters were talking about what they would accomplish in life.  At one point I said that I’d like to become something that didn’t register with my older sibs.  Amidst some disdain my mom said, “If Jimmy wants to be a mechanic that’s just fine… the only thing that matters is what makes us happy.”

Oh Mom…  thank you!

And thank you Moms!

To every mother, Happy Mother’s Day, belated!





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  1. Eileen Davis says:

    “Being happy” was a real value, stated quite openly and unabashedly by my Irish parents too. It meant so much more than mindless fun or a comic approach to life….it meant knowing and accepting one’s self and getting on with the business of sharing joy with others whenever and wherever you can. To them, it was part of the business of living well on this earth. Lovely post, Father Jim.

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