“Happy are the people who know the festal shout! *
they walk, O Lord, in the light of your presence.”

Psalm 89:15


Sometimes I fear that I do not know and cannot hear the “festal shout.”  And sometimes I feel as if I am stumbling around in the dark, far from the light of God’s presence…feeling that I am out in the darkness, outside the city walls where “there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  If I feel I am deaf to that shout or blind to the guiding light of God, that doesn’t mean that they are not present.  In those stumbling moments when I cannot, or will not hear that happy shout I need to stop and listen all the more, having faith that I will once again hear, and I will once again walk on the illumined path….Certainly I will; I will with God’s help.


In Christ,


About matthewhanisian

Associate Rector at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C.
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2 Responses to Shout

  1. jonniesuehicks says:

    Thank you for that beautiful insight to our situation. Peace, js

  2. Robin says:

    Thank you, Matthew.

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